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 Curryville COB   Newsletter 
July 15, 2020

Mid-Summer and here we are

If someone had told me in the middle of March that we would still be dealing
with Covid related issues after the 4th of July, I would have replied, NO WAY!!
Yet, here we are. . .  Questions can be asked about statistics, but many
places in our nation are seeing more cases, and recently a retired COB minister
in our area died of Covid.
When you add current events to the mixture of lifestyle changes,
we have faced, along with the personal stressors we all have, it’s
not hard to find ourselves in quite a funk.  The term “Cumulative Stress”
came into my mind.  So, I looked it up and found that those exact words
describe a psychological situation.

Cumulative stress results from an accumulation of various stress factors
such as a heavy workload, poor communications, the frustration of not
being able to meet the beneficiaries' needs, having to cope with situations
in which you feel powerless, lack of basic comforts, and inability to rest
or relax. Under normal circumstances, it can be monitored
by adequate personal and team stress management, but in some
stressful situations such as disasters, cumulative stress can
escalate quickly and develop into professional exhaustion known
as "burn out.”

(This explanation comes from a manual for those working in the field on disasters)

I found a short and helpful article at this website: 

In short, think of all we have to offer to others in the form of our emotions,
physical efforts and overall energy as a bucket of water.

Every time we offer some help to others, we pour out some of ourselves. 
If we are not getting the rest we need and taking care of ourselves eventually
we have nothing left to give, because we have poured it all out.

So, the short answer is we need to refill our buckets. This is an ongoing need.
If we wait until we have run dry, we’ve waited too long. Therefore it’s
ok and necessary to get the rest and refreshment we need.

The Bible addresses this: 
Galatians 6:9 - And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due
season we will reap, if we do not give up.


Currently, all of our worship gatherings are being held in our pavilion.
The praise band is once again offering music.  In the mornings,
it is a nicely shaded location.  This has been a refreshing change
from the parking lot gatherings and offers greater potential for fellowship
than we could currently have indoors. 

 The school house is open for using the restrooms!


We have received a stack of surveys and we sincerely thank
those of you who took a little bit of time to fill one out and return it to us.
Our leadership will be reviewing these very soon. 
Please pray for us as we seek to work out how to best serve our
entire congregation.

Night of Hope

The first event we canceled in the Covid Shutdown was our Rock & Reel night. 
We have now rearranged this as an outdoor event for Saturday Night,
August 8th at 7:00 PM.

Our house band will be offering special music, Pastor Dave will
offer a message of hope, and the evening will conclude with
some sing-a-long worship songs.

All are welcome. This will be an evangelist outreach event.
Inviting others, who would be comfortable attending is encouraged.

The Deacons

The Deacons are available if you have any spiritual needs.  Although
you are welcome to call any of our deacons, we do have a
“Deacon of the Week” to assist Pastor Dave each week. 
The following is a schedule of the Deacon of the Week. 
Please keep this on hand should you need to talk or have a need.
Week of July 12th Lorie Bechtel (Head) 330-0214
    July 19th Don Brumbaugh 793-2773
    July 26th Dave Frederick 932-8394
    Aug 2nd   Krystal Disney 793-3439
    Aug 9th   Dan Replogle 935-7179
    Aug 16th Lorie Bechtel 330-0214
              Aug 23rd Don Brumbaugh 793-2773
    Aug 30th Dave Frederick 932-8394
Pastor Dave is also available at 934-2809
If you have any concerns that you would like passed through the
prayer chain, do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Rodgers in the church
office on Wednesday or Thursday, 8am – 4pm at 793-2449, or Pastor Dave
or Lorie Bechtel.
We would like to encourage you to reach out to our shut-ins and each other,
especially our seniors who would appreciate a call or card.  We as
a church congregation need to continue to support and encourage each other. 
We are the church! 
We encourage you to come to our outside Sunday service
behind the School House. 
The Schoolhouse is open so that the bathrooms can be used if needed. 
Bring your lawn chairs, enjoy the Praise Band and worship outside in
God’s creation!  You will be blessed by being together. 

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